PNF 2024 Class Schedule

Class time 10:30 am - 12:30pm

Classes are held rain or shine / $15 to $30 sliding scale

Pay at time of attendance via cash, Venmo, Paypal, or Cash App

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1 1/27 Introduction to small scale permaculture design. Using Phat Ninja Foodforest as our example we will look at the design plans and their progression. Go over the permaculture principles used to guide design. Talk about incorporating the 5 patterns of use zones and building diversity with guilds. Guilds consisting of plants animals and fungi working in a symbiotic relation (companion planting on steroids). After 10+ years at this we will talk about things that worked and didn't work as well and what we might have done differently. This will be a great class to get the wheels spinning and hopefully inspiration for your design! As well at a look at the skeleton of Phat Ninja Foodforest in winter time to see established swales, ponds, hügelkultur beds, guilds, propagation greenhouse, aquaponic greenhouse/chicken house and the incredible soil we have created.

2 2/10 Pruning fruit and nut trees and bushes. - I made this the second class because it is the perfect time to talk winter pruning/ summer pruning and the differences. Pruning for the three D's first as well as how we shape, what shapes and why

3 2/24 Soil building/Soil life/living soil- In this class we will go over the soil food web, what is living soil compared to dirt. Ways to build healthy, living soil inexpensively on our property, compost basics, and how to build our own potting mixes far superior to anything we can buy. If interested we will even examine a few different soils under a microscope and see who/what is in there.

4 3/9 Swale building and Hügelkultur-I put these together because the both involve some earth work and work wonderfully in tandem. Covering using and building an "A" frame level for laying out the swales, best shape and sizes for both to be safe and useful. How we plant the hugel mound the first year and use the swales to mulch them with fresh compost every year. I won't go on but a favorite subject of mine because of seeing how incredibly useful these have shown to be. Creating a no water garden/foodforest becoming more fertile every year.

5 3/23 Keeping and raising small animals = We love our animals and allow most to free range the majority of the year. Find out how they work for us fertilizing and doing bug patrol while producing food but are sure it is the reverse and we work for them. How to train them to come to your call like a dog, honest  wing clipping(just one) Doctoring (vets are expensive) how to produce a large volume of supplemental feed using waste products.... so much more

6 4/6 Composting- Thermophilic (hot) Vs static Vs worm compost. how we use them in series to create the best compost this planet has ever seen( this may be an opinionated view  ) How we make aerated and passive compost teas to increase microbial life in our soils and on our plants. Again taking a look through the microscope if interested to see what we mean by "Full of life!"

7 4/20 Plant propagation- Planting a foodforest can get expensive Come learn to save money by taking hardwood cuttings, softwood cuttings and semi hardwood cuttings and how they need to be treated differently. Advantages of each. Ways to create hundreds of plants for next to nothing and when and what to use for rooting hormone

8 5/4 Fungi because I am a fun guy- Fungus are the teeth of the forest and an essential part of any good design. Learn how to grow edible mushrooms indoors and out. How to grow out more spawn from what you purchase. Explain how they are a large part in our soil building and supplemental animal feed as well as the information highway and nutrient source ...

9 5/18 Grafting fruit trees- Keeping the description brief it will cover the who, what, when and why of grafting. Show the grafts around the property including a 5 Variety apple tree, our oldest tree. One graft is from England in the 16th century(fascinating)

10 6/1 Greenhouse types/design and construction.- I have built small commercial greenhouses and a large assortment of different style/use greenhouse here over the years. We will talk cost/pluses and minuses of them all. Benefits and what are realistic expectations and what is not

11 6/15 Ponds - Types of ponds, how to safely build ponds and create edge effect. How we use the many different small ponds we have here. Talk about some early failures we had here and save you time and money. What an incredible microclimate and diverse habitat they become

12 6/29 Growing berries- We grow a TON of berries here every year. berries on Vines, canes, bushes, nitrogen fixing bushes . We will talk about growing, harvesting, processing, pest and disease resistance and propagation of all the berries in our foodforest. One of the most productive parts of our design.

13 7/13 Basic Carpentry bird house/bat house/trellis building - Being a life long carpenter contractor I have a great skill set and love teaching it. Just going over basic tools, how to use them, safely and understand measuring, plumb, square, true and layout

14 8/10 Handyman homeowner repairs-Many of my years in the trades were as a remodel contractor. Needing to understand plumbing and electric as well. Basic home repairs/replacements can be done easily if you know how to safely and confidently, in that order. We will cover all the basic operation, simple fixes and take questions about problems you may have and potential solutions.

Let us help you learn about and realize your food producing paradise

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